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Slim Over 55 Featured Review

If you have trolled through Pinterest’s fitness realm for some time, then you have definitely come across Alice Pilani and her Slim Over 55 program. She has got some wonderful before and after photos from her female clients who got completely incredible transformation.

This program is for women who are above 55 or have passed out her menopause. This plan is simple and specially designed for ladies who want to get results without going to the gym.

But some serious questions my subscribers asked me is, how effective is this program? Will it help in getting results in this COVID-19 Pandemic? Or it is another gimmick?

So here I am. I created this Slim Over 55 review to answer these questions along with share my one-year experience with this program, and also share some pros and cons of using this program.

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Let’s cut the chase and get straight into it.

Why Did I Decide To Join Slim Over 55 System?

Being in my second year as an Event Coordinator, I know now how exhausting the job is. I was completely beat after the day dealing with different clients, but I have to put in extra 1-2 hours to prepare tasks for tomorrow.

This extra work was affecting my back workout. I don’t have any energy or will-power to put another 1-2 hours in the gym after an exhausting day.

I found Slim Over 55 by Alice Pilani while scrolling Instagram as many transformation photos catching my attention. Then I visit the official website to learn more about the program and I was convinced.

The major things that convinced me were:

  • It was created especially for me (above 55 age group)
  • I can do workouts at home
  • I only have to do workout three times a week
  • Diet was not strict, and it had one cheat day in a week

Oh, and above all, I want to get that hourglass physique that I had in my 20’s.

And, Alice was offering the whole program for only $7 and I can do workouts at home which means I will be saving money on my gym membership.

**Disclaimer: This program worked for me. Everyone is different, and each body reacts differently to any workout and diet. This is my personal Slim Over 55 review, and results may vary. If you want to get pros and cons then find them below.

What is Slim Over 55 All About?

Alice created this program for women who are in their fifties or above.

The main concept of this program is to teach women about how they can lose weight while staying in their homes until this COVID-19 pandemic situation settles down.

The founder of this program, Alice Pilani claims that women can use this program to lose up to 13 pounds in a month, and women who have stopped their menopause can get their hormones back to normal.

The sole reason for the success of Slim Over 55 is the four hormones that are key for balancing hormones.

In numerous studies, it proved that hormone imbalance is the root cause of numerous health problems including: weight gain, frog brain, mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and more.

This program also contains a short workout (3 times a week for 10 minutes). This workout routine is simple and can be completed at home.

Alice claims that the combination of four hormone-balancing herbs and workouts are powerful enough to help you lose 3 pounds in a week while maintaining your muscles mass and improving your energy levels.

Yes! You can have an energy level that you had in your 20s, and play with your grandchildren.

Some highlighted features of Slim Over 55 are:

  • Learn about four herbs that can improve your hormonal production
  • Find out which carbohydrates don’t make you fat
  • Discover hormones that block your body from burning fat
  • Learn about fatty acids and how they can balance the blood sugar level in the body.
  • Find out healthy recipes that you can prepare in quick time
  • Learn a special workout trick to burn 3 pounds in a week
  • Discover which three hormones influence your late-night cravings
  • Find out how a proper sleep-routine can help you in burning fat

Slim Over 55 Review

What You Will Get Inside This Program?

When you purchase this program, you will get:

Weight Loss Manual:

This is the main manual that contains everything that I mentioned above. Not only that, but this weight loss manual also tells you about why women above 40 find difficulty in losing weight.

Slim Over 55 Workouts:

The workout section contains six full-body workout videos, and also a 30-day workout plan. The first five workout videos are beginner level, and they are 30 minutes long. The sixth video is 18 minutes long and it is an advanced level. You can also include these workouts with Dumbbell leg exercises.


Just like any good program, SO55 also contains a checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the steps and stay on the track until you achieve your weight loss results.

Slim Over 55 Book


I really hope you’ve liked this Slim Over 55 review, and it will help you decide “yay” or “nay”

I personally like Alice’s new weight loss program. It is best for women who are over 55, and now they want to lose weight to improve their fitness level. Home workouts are the main component of this program but I really like she has not left the diet section in this program.

Many women have used Slim Over 55 guide to lose up to 3 pounds in just a week but I don’t think this program is all about getting quick results. It is about losing weight safely and maintaining your results so that you don’t get your lost weight.

Now, I have to agree, I have taken the below image from the official website and if you click the image below you will be taken to the official site where you can learn more about this program and why women over 50 need a different approach to lose weight.

Slim Over 55 before and after

Final Few Words....

No matter what your age is, this program can work for you. It will balance your hormones so that you can burn fat without losing muscles.

Alice Pilani is a respected fitness trainer, and she awarded as the best personal trainer by “My Personal Trainer” magazine. She is more than qualified to deliver such kind of program. If you are over 55 and want to lose weight, then Slim Over 55 book can give you a good start.

If you want to order this program, then click the button below.

I’ve something to tell you…

You will learn a lot about women’s health and why they have difficulty in losing weight especially in their fifties by visiting the official website.

And don’t forget if this program doesn’t work, you can ask for a refund. Simple!

Written by Jennifer Kennedy

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