Some Quick & Easy Workouts At Home To Lose Weight Quickly

Do you want to know about an easy workout at home?

Do you have no time for the gym?

Are you want to work out which helps you to lose weight and make you fit?

So here in this article, I totally guide you about exercises which you can do any time in your day. But If you ask me what’s the perfect time to do exercise, so I recommend you that early morning is the best time to do exercise because at that time you feel fresh and energetic as compare to the evening after your whole day.

One significant point that exercise is essential, no doubt, but on the other hand, diet is another critical part of weight loss. Proper nutritious food is very vital for maintaining your health, and it helps you to protect from injuries and several health issues.

So focus on both exercise and food, you can balance your health and fitness.

Let begin an easy workout at home. I guide you about some easy exercises you can make 4 sets or 3 sets, which consist 5 exercises. It depends on you, have to add all leg, abs, or mix exercises that cover your whole body.

Upper Body Exercises



Crunches are best for your abs; focus on your stomach, and make it flat. There are many ways of doing crushes. You can do bicycle crunches, simple crunches, or rotating crushes, which helps you to focus on your upper body and make it flexible.

So try crunches at home is very easy to lose your core fat and make it slim.



Plank is another beneficial exercise for your abs and back. You can hold the plank for the time you want and according to your level, if you are a beginner, let’s start with 30 seconds and, after time to time, increase your timings for better results. There are also many types of exercise you can do at your home easily.

Simple plank, elbow plank, one leg plank, one side plank, so It is an exercise you can do easily and quickly in a few seconds. You can add this exercise in your routine and make your abs lean.



Pushups is another a good exercise for your body as it focuses on your full upper body muscles like your arms, shoulders, chest, core, back, and make them flexible. You can do knees pushups or do 5 to 10 reps if you begin with this exercise. It is easy and very effective.


bicycles exercise

It is an exercise that focuses on your core. You can do it as much time you want; it totally depends on your level and needs.

  • Lay down on the mat
  • Bent your knees
  • Now move your leg like a bicycle

You can do it for 1 minute or 50 to 100 times.

Cardio Workout

Cardio is basically counting as a full-body workout and its essential workout.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks

It is best and focus on your upper and lower body muscles like arms, shoulders, thighs, hips, etc. It is elementary, and you can do it again according to your level. Set time or reps, you can do it for 1 minute or 30 to 100 reps.



It’s a full-body workout. You can do at home easily without any equipment, and it focuses on your whole body muscles like legs, arms, back, or hips. You can do it for 1 min or set some reps 10 to 40 reps.

Here are some more cardio exercises which are very easy: high knees, skipping, mountain climbers, etc.

Lower Body Exercises



Bridges is an exercise that focuses on your hip muscles. It makes your hips slim and concentrates mainly on your lower and upper body muscles. You can do it with a weight if you have or without consequences. If you are a beginner, try it without weight and then go for weights 10 to 50 kg. Here are many types of bridges simple bridges, single-leg bridges.



A lunge is a great exercise for legs. It focuses mainly on your leg muscles. You can do it in many ways simple lunges, walking lunges, side lunges, and lunges jump.

First, start with simple lunges than slowly go for walking lunges and a more advanced level. You can take some weight with it, so it gives you more effective results.



A squat is the best exercise for legs. If you want to make your leg fit and smart go for squats, it focuses on your legs part. It works mostly on your thighs, which have lots of fat. There are many types of squats, like jumping squats, side squats.

A squat is beneficial if you want to lose weight or want to get your legs flexible.

Wall sit

Wall sit

This is another effective exercise. Wall sits very easy, but effective; it will work on your legs muscles like thigh, calves, and hips. So it will work for you and also focus on your back muscles.

You can do it for 30seconds to 1 minute. It is effortless to exercise; you can easily do at home and lean your leg muscles.

Final words

There are many exercises you can do at home easily if you make an effort you can do anything. Make your home your gym. It will save your time as well as money. But be careful, don’t force yourself for any exercise you can’t do, start slow and gradually increase your level and reps; if you are a beginner you can start with Aline’s Slim Over 55 Program.

You can do work out at home efficiently with the help of these exercises. You can make sets of 4 to 5 exercises and do it turn by turn 3 to 4 times each set.


  • 20x bridges
  • 10x push-ups
  • 30-sec plank
  • 20x squat
  • 20x jumping jacks

So, this is an example for you. You can replace it or add exercises you like.

You can make your own plan, do it 3 times a week so you can have results and can achieve your weight goal, but the food is also important, so if you want to keep yourself healthy, tips from my side: to eat healthily, sleep well and do exercise.

Written by Jennifer Kennedy

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