10 Diseases Linked To Obesity And How To Overcome Risk

Diseases Linked To Obesity

Diseases Linked To Obesity

Obesity is a situation in which a body consists of extra amounts of fats that are not good for health and create many problems in our body. The excess amount of everything like sugar, fat, carbohydrate in our body leads to various diseases, puts pressure on organs, and causes function failure.

It also harmful to hormones, metabolism system, immune system and again leads you to inflammation.

People who are obese have a greater BMI level. So it is essential if you have obesity, you calculate or keep your BMI check.

Obesity is not good for health. It affects your whole body functions. There is always a chance that if you have obesity, you will be at risk of more diseases.

So in this article, I will tell you about health issues that may attack your body if you have obesity but don’t worry, there is always a solution for a problem. So I will also tell you about some safety measures which can save you from critical situations.

Cardiac Infarction

Obesity is dangerous, but it is observed that obese people have very easily affected by other health issues. Heart disease is one of them. It is very commonly found in people who have obesity.

Obesity leads to high blood pressure, weak functions, high cholesterol, diabetes that are all causes of heart failure.

The biggest problem of obesity is it makes arteries narrow, and blood circulation gets slower that causes heart failure and stroke.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is commonly found in people who have a tremendous amount of sugar, which may cause many other health problems like kidney failure, heart failure, improper sleeping, and many other oral problems.

If you want to keep yourself away from this disease’s risks, lose some weight, eat healthy, do exercise regularly, and keep your health in check.


heart attackStroke and heart failure are connected. Strokes cause no proper blood circulation to the brain, and there is some blockage that causes brain damage. The damage of brain tissues leads to various disabilities, memory loss, lack of speech, visual problems, coma, etc.

When we talk about the side effects of obesity, stroke is the most horrible side that attacks people have obesity. According to studies, obesity increases the risk of stroke and also not suitable for mental health.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a critical sleeping issue in which breathing suddenly begins and stops. In sleep apnea, you may face snoring, tiredness, and much more.

People who have obesity are at greater risk of sleep apnea. You decrease the risk of sleep apnea by losing weight from the neck.

High Blood Pressure

Fatty tissues need greater oxygen and nutrients. Your body needs more blood to circulate in the whole body, and it causes a burden on the heart to circulate more blood than usual.

This condition may be hard for your arteries and puts more pressure that can cause high blood pressure, which may be harmful to your heart and arteries.


depressionObesity highly affects your mental health. The people consist of obesity criticized due to body weight and face rejection in love or work, leading to sadness and disappointment.

Suppose you are overweight facing stress, depression, and other mental issues. First of all, overcome stress and depression can bring your obesity in control. The best way to treat cognitive problems is to keep yourself happy, busy and involve yourself in activities that awake you.

Various Cancers

The other horrible side of obesity is cancer. People who have obesity are at risk of various cancers like uterus, breast, blood, colon, kidney, gallbladder, ovaries, and much more.

In a study of 2012, 28,000 cases of cancer registered in men and 72,000 cases of cancer were reported in women who have obese in the US.

Complication During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not too easy, and it is essential to manage your weight before your pregnancy because it may cause high pressure, high sugar, inflammation, weaken your bones and organ.

If you have obesity, it affects your body and as well as your upcoming newborn. If you have obesity, you can face the following problems, which are as follows:

  • miscarriage
  • greater bleeding after delivery
  • complication during delivery
  • may have C section
  • weaken bones and organs
  • disabilities in the baby due to high amount of fats and sugar
  • fetal death

If you are overweight and plan for a baby, you must control your weight and be very careful about a doctor’s guidelines. Follow a diet and weight loss plan to save the pregnancy.

Other Health Issues

Some other diseases you can face due to obesity are liver disease, kidney failure, knee problems, and gallbladder illnesses. Extra weight weakens your organs and causes infections.

Safety Measure Of Obesity

If you don’t want above diseases here are safety measures you can take if you have obesity:

  • Losing weight can protect you from the risks of various diseases. So try to lose weight, start slowly 5% can also help you.
  • Change your lifestyle, everyone knows about the reason for weight gain in their known body like the person eats more should control diet. A person who sleeps more than usual can replace sleeping with exercise and other physical exercises.
  • Ask a doctor if you eat less, do exercise, but still have obesity. The doctor helps you with these types of conditions.
  • Include supplements. Some fat burning supplements help in reducing weight. Biotox Gold is one such supplement, you can check list of ingredients and more at this Biotox Gold review.

Diet Plan

sample meal plan

  • Add vegetables and fruits which boost your immune system.
  • Avoid processed foods like white bread, rice, pasta. Eat unprocessed food like oats, brown rice, brown bread.
  • Take protein like eat chicken, beans, nuts, eggs to boost up your protein.
  • Avoid unhealthy fats and more sugary foods like bakery items, candies, chips, burgers, fries, pizza.
  • Cut down alcohol, soda, and artificial juices from your diet, replace them with fresh fruit juices, detox water, lime.


Obesity affects you physically and mentally. So it is in your hand how to manage your weight. It would be best if you focused on your healthy to protect yourself from the risk of various diseases that give you pain and disturb your health.

Written by Jennifer Kennedy

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