Most Effective Back Exercises For Women To Improve Posture

best exercise


best exercise

Hey ladies…

Do you want to make your back attractive and slim?

Do you want to shape your back?

Are you suffering from improper back posture?

Do you want to lose you back fat?

If yes, don’t need to worry sweet ladies. I will suggest you some beneficial exercise that solves your all back problem. These exercises make your back in shape and sexy as the back is the most attractive part of a woman’s body.

Women get improper back due to expanding most of the time in mobile phones, laptops, lifting children, driving, pregnancy and many more reasons and our back get out of shape. Back is a vital part of women body and need efforts to make it better.

Here in this article, I will mainly focus on back exercise, which makes your back smart and in shape. However, if your aim is to lose weight then I suggest you to check of these fat-burning exercises.

Ok, let’s start.

Introduction Of Back

Back contain lots of muscles. It consists of 2 parts lower back and upper back muscles. The upper part of the back is called trapezius, which located between your shoulders and spine. Rhomboid is another part of the upper back, which located at mid of your back.

Then the lower part of the back consists of the largest muscles group of the back called latissimus dorsi which is your outer side of your back.

The lower back is a very important part of shaping your back that also includes erector spine and helps your spine to move left or right from the sacrum. The typical back problem is an unbalanced and improper shape that destroys your back look.

So back exercise not only helps you in making your back in shape and attractive but can lift your chest and work on your arms as well.

Why Should You Make Efforts For Your Back Muscles?

back muscles

  • Back muscles help you to make your posture better.
  • Back muscles make your back powerful.
  • Back muscles help you to reduce upper body weight.
  • Reduce back fat.
  • It saves your back from pains and damages.

Back Exercises

T-Shape Arm Raises

  • Standing straight and open your legs apart
  • Hold weights in your both left and right arms
  • Keep your back straight
  • Keep yourself balance
  • Now raise your arms in both directions and make T- shape position.
  • Move your arm up and down.

This exercise work on your upper back, make your shoulders, arms strong and lift your chest up.


It is a back exercise that focuses on both upper and lower back muscles. It is like a swimming position.

  • Lay down on a mat on your stomach
  • Now keep your arms and legs straight
  • Move your arms and leg up and down position

You will feel stretch in both lower and upper back.

Front Raises

It mainly focuses on your upper back part as weight lifting makes your muscles strong and helps you in weight loss.

  • Stand straight, open your leg apart
  • Lift weights in your both arms
  • Now raise your hand in front of you
  • Move your one arm up and one down
  • Slowly do up and down arm raises

Chest Fly

It will also work on your back muscles and aid you in reshape your back.

  • Stand straight
  • Now lift weights in your arm
  • Keep your arms raise on both side, now bend your arms
  • Now open your cape and join together
  • Repeat it

This exercise will make your shoulders strong and lift your chest.

Cobra Style

It will focus on both the upper and lower part of your back. It will focus on your whole upper body that includes chests, arms, abs, and shoulders.

  • Lay down on your stomach on a mat
  • Now lift your upper body with your arms
  • keep your leg and head straight
  • stretch your upper body

You will feel stretch in your arms, back and core.



Plank is a great exercise you can use for making your body in shape. If you have a bent back or extra mass on your back, you can get rid of these problems as plank tends to improve your body posture and focus on your upper body muscles like abs, arms, chests, shoulders and neck.

There are many types of plank one leg plank, side plank. Side plank works on the side mass of your back and make your spine stronger and keep you save from pains and damages.


Push-up is another effective exercise for back muscles. Mainly as a plank, pushup work on your upper body muscles like chest, shoulders, abs, arms, lower and upper back.

It will grow your upper muscles and burn fat from the lower back that gives your body fantastic shape and improves your back posture. If you are a beginner go for knees pushups and then shift to straight leg pushups start with 10 reps then go for 20 reps then increase your level according to your stamina.

Abs Bicycle

bicycles exercise

Mainly it is an abs exercise, but it is also very effective for your back because when you do abs bicycles, it will affect on your back too and it will work on your whole back. In this exercise, both back and abs engage together and make your body posture better.

Chest Press

The chest press is another effective exercise for your back. Its focus on your back muscles and improve your back posture.

  • Lay down on a mat
  • Lift weight and raise them up in front of you
  • Now move your arms towards your chest

You will feel stretch in your back muscles.

Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell row is another a useful exercise for your back as it keeps your shoulders, arms, and back healthy.

  • Stand straight
  • Now lift weight in your arms
  • Bend your knees and arms
  • Now lift your arms in the backward direction


So these are the exercises that work on your back and improve your posture. Select any six exercises from above 3 weighted or 3 without weight as you like and do 20 rep for 3 times. In a few weeks, you will notice results and your back get in shape, and you will lose back fat quickly.

So start your journey from today with the Slim Over 55  and include these exercises as well. I am sure that you will improve your posture and back too.

Best of positive and keep working







Written by Jennifer Kennedy

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