Hello, I am Jennifer Kennedy, the owner of Walk With Hawks Herbs and I believe in the full transparency in whatever I do.

So here I am disclosing my affiliate partners that helping me to cover the cost to keep this site running and providing you helpful information.

I am an affiliate partner of ClickBank.

What does it mean? Every time you purchase product from the link provided in the review, I will receive a small commission. Note: This little commission add NO additional cost to you.

I only recommend products that I truly find them valuable.

Walk With Hawks Herbs is my hard work for over five years. It has grown to the point where it require a cost to cover its expenditure on hosting, designing, and paying the salaries to the content writers. This is the way to keep my site running.

If you have any question about above, then feel free to contact me by going to the contact us page.

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Jennifer Kennedy